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100% Low Cost Finance Available

PODS offer a unique retail opportunity:

  • No Business Rates

  • No Planning Permission - Site Dependent

  • No Electricity Cost - This is site dependent

  • 10 Year Warranty on Container Integrity

  • High Footfall Locations

  • 12 Different Packages

  • Plug in Power Available - This is site dependent

  • Internal Fit 10 Year Lifespan

  • Moveable - you can pick it up and move it.

  • Green Power Option available to go Off-Grid

  • Choice of Sizes 10ft by 20ft and 10ft by 30ft

  • Fantastic Free Parking - This is site dependent

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The Leicester

The Leicester is designed around a meet and greet system so that up to 4 agents can sit comfortably with their individual clients in a designated area.

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The Marlborough

The Marlborough is a more traditional design for up to 3 agents in a slightly more spacious environment than the Leicester.

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The Oxford

The Oxford is a more traditional 4 seater design with a central seating area for meet and greet. Chairs can be turned for use at individual desks, with the possibility for storage within the desk returns.

TOP END OPT R1_Scene 2.png

The Cambridge

The Cambridge can also accomodate up to 4 agents but in a more high end setting that still meets the functional needs of a busy office, while giving a comfortable welcome to visitors.

OPT2 R1_Scene 4.png

The Chelsea

The Chelsea is a contemporary design.  Comfortable and functional it provides the ambience of a high street office with the flexibility of a container space

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The Mayfair

The Mayfair creates a warm and professional atmospere that says; established, professional and successful.